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Negril Jamaica is the place to be on the 8th December for the annual Reggae Marathon. Go check it out. Show your fitness and have fun in beautiful Jamaica. 

Carnival in St Kitts & Nevis

2nd – 3rd January 2020. The Trin islands of St Kitts & Nevis kicks off the Carnival season in the Caribbean islands. The larger island of St Kiits is the place to be the 2nd day in the New Year 2020. Take a trip and be in Basseterre for the action.

Christmas in Trinidad and Tobago is always filled with the unique sounds of Parang music. This music has innovated over the years with injections of Calypso and Spanish sounds. Go check out the calendar for the season. 

Make a trip of it in January, from the 12th to the 20th. Music is a big part of the rythms of the people of Cuba. Fill with African beats and fused with Spanish influence, go and dance into the mornings. 

Caribbean Fashion

Fashion is playing an increased role in the positive development of the Caribbean & Latin America. As the industry grows, a range of professions are being created and fashion is being exported as a viable product. Country Vibes Magazine will be exploring Caribbean Fashion. Contact Us if you are a Fashion Designer, Model or Tailor. 

November / December Issue Available

Caribbean & Latin America

Bolivia, Haiti, ChilE

A strong conviction of the need for better governance is being seen by people in various parts of Latin America and Haiti. Chile, Bolivia and Venezuela are countries where people have been taking to the streets to express their dissatisfaction with their governments.

Though Politics often fuel underling tensions and sway fractions of the people into opposing and supporting camps, social media has been playing a big role in communication.

Finishing it off with Accessories

Paul Beaubrun Haitian musician in concert tour

Kirain James Sprinter

Grenada, the land of nutmeg and spice has home grown Olympians.

Anderson Peters Javelin


Lebanon, Hong Kong, Cameroon, Spain

People in various countries in many parts of the world are taking to the streets and protesting. While these may seem to be outside of our scope, the reality of people from the Caribbean & Latin America is that they have migrated through the world. Their travels and are globally connections, may be more that any other people in any region. We hope Caribbean people keep safe and keep connecting to your family back home. 

From United Kingdom to Jamaica Nathaniel Peat means Business
Rihanna - Dominating the fashion World!

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