Our story

We are a strong team of people who have a big passion to change the world through positive vibes, as it especially relates to all who are connected to the people around the Caribbean Sea. 

Led by Founder and Editor-in-Chief Rhonda M. Thomas, our team members are located in various countries, all over the world. United by our common Caribbean and Latin America experience, we translate language barriers to  create a global village of all who have migrated, who are decedents and all who love the Caribbean & Latin America region. 

Given our history, we have not been the ones to lead our own development nor tell our own stories. So now is the time for us to direct our own future and celebrate our presence as we change the narrative about us through telling our own stories. 

Country Vibes Magazine is a global lifestyle magazine, produced by us to showcase the best of the people throughout the region, weather they are at home or abroad. It introduces each island and each country to itself and to each other, while introducing us as a collective people to the world. 

 Country Vibes Magazine aims to inspire each individual to dream and to achieve the best of themselves, while supporting businesses to increase profits through increase market share locally, regionally and globally.  and to grow – becoming  more relevant to the people. All this while we welcome the wider world to join us in our many events and support our cultural activities globally.  

We welcome you to join us as we transform and recreate our region and our world.  

Country Vibes Magazine is available in several languages – English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Haitian and Dutch. You can get it in digital and print formats. This is the place to know dates for all Carnivals and steel-band festivals globally.  Combined with our Caribbean & Latin America Store, we have made advertising with us easy, where ever you are located in the world. 

So, don’t be shy, subscribe for your magazine copy and advertise with us. Be part of the vibes. This is the vibes of each country around the Caribbean Sea – we are Country Vibes Magazine. 

The Team

Our creative team


If you share our passion contact us to join our team



How can I become a writer ?

Contact us and indicate your interest. Send samples of your writing with as many different writing styles that you can offer. We will review and contact you.

How can I become a photographer ?

Contact us and indicate your interest. Send samples of your work and any preference in photography. We will review and contact you.

How can i become an editor ?

We are open to language editors, copy editors and to section content editors. All aspiring editors must have experience and able to maintain deadlines. Section areas include fashion, sports, business, technology and food. Contact us and indicate your interest. 

How can i become a Sales Representative?

Sales Representatives are trusted individuals who know our products and work to connect the right advertisers and subscribers with us, for a good commission. If you have been born to sell and want to be part of an A class global team – contact us.

How Can I become a Retail Seller of Country Vibes Magazine ?

If you have a retail shop or a big network of people who will be Country Vibes Magazine readers, this can be a lucrative position for you. We will customize a very straightforward inventory system and train you for success. Contact us

How can i become a Country Distributor?

We will be in every major country throughout the world and have distribution bases to facilitate customers globally. The right person must be organized, self-motivated, good at communication and documentation.  Contact us for an interview.

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